Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm still here!!

Wowie...will you look at that.  A new post by yours truly.  Are pigs flying?  Did the sky turn green?  What's going on?

I feel horribly guilty for not updating in so long.  I always want to update, I just don't really have the time right now.  Or anything of substance to contribute to the vast blogosphere. 

But I thought that since it was getting late, and I'm tired, and I really need to go to bed...that it would be the perfect time to post something. 

Things are going as well as can be around here.  I started school 3.5 weeks ago and things are going really good.  I'm finally feeling like I'm getting my nose above water and remembering how to teach in a classroom again.  One thing I did forget was how painful grading papers was.  I guess it's a lot like child birth...after a few days you think to yourself, "now, that wasn't so bad was it?" 

The little girls are doing very well at their schools and are still excited to go each day.  Routines are going well, and that's been a huge help to me these last few weeks.  (That reminds me, I need to go sign Kylee's reading log...brb)

Tracey decided not to play volleyball this year (gasp) in order to concentrate on keeping her grades up.  While I applaud her decision, I am still disappointed to not watch her play vball this season.  She is however, going to play next year.  And don't worry, she will be playing basketball. 

We've all been busy but it's helped my stress level sooooooo much not to have 2 hours of driving time each day.  It's amazing how God has really worked in that area. 

Aaron is still gone.  Maybe he will be home this weekend, but I really don't know for sure.  He is somewhere in the wilds of Montana where there is no cell phone service.  Or, apparently, service of any kind.  I haven't heard from him in....12 days.  I am handling the single mom thing pretty well, logistically anyway.  I posted on FB last night that I was done with fire season and didn't care if Montana burned to rubble.  But my poor attitude affected my sleep last night, and my day today.  So, I am trying to change that attitude and just keep on like I have been doing without letting it get to me. 

We haven't had fast food for dinner every night...just every other night.  LOL.  I have tried cooking when I can...we've been gone a lot in the evenings so that sometimes makes it difficult.  We all miss healthy cooking... especially Tracey, who was the biggest skeptic.   I try my best, but I have been super, duper exhausted since school has started.  Yesterday it was all I could do to whip up some instant pancakes. 

I know my complaining probably makes things sound terrible.  It's not really that bad, I guess I shouldn't write late at night when I'm tired.  But things are really going pretty smoothly (oh no, Murphy's Law....quick, I take it back). 

Thanks for sticking around, even when I haven't seemed to be here.

The one area I've dropped the ball on is brushing teeth.  I don't do it in the morning cuz we don't have time (don't worry, I do brush my teeth).  So I try and do it at night, but most of the time forget.  Guess that's why my 4 year old has an appt next week for fillings.  I have been better since I found out she's got cavities...but not great.  While that's not my only's one I will admit to publicly!  LOL

Night all.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kindergarten is great.

Kylee is learning so much in Kindergarten.  She came home with this little gem today:

Donald Duck burned his butt,
On his way to Pizza Hut.


Friday, August 5, 2011


Yesterday I took my oldest daughter to register for high school.  Wow.  It's official, she's got an ID and everything.  No backing out now.  She is excited and ready for high school.  And so am I.  I think.

At the same time, my middle child is about to begin her educational career as a Kindergartener.  She is going to have a teacher that really focuses on challenging them academically, which is exactly what she needs.  I am really excited about seeing what she learns in Kinder.  Not at all freaked out.  Really. 

My youngest is going to be starting PreK.  New Mexico created a PreK program that wasn't income or developmentally based, therefore my kids are able to attend preschool.  She is super excited about getting to go to school.  She and Kylee will be at the same school.  Am I freaked out?  Nope, not really.  Just excited for her.  Her teacher should be a little!