Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hemangioma Drama

For those of you who don't know, Tracey was diagnosed Sept 07 with a hemangioma on her left arm. That's an abnormal growth of your blood vessels. When you search hemangioma on the internet usually you will find pictures of kids with horrible red, raised lesions various places on their bodies. Tracey's is under her skin and the only indication is knots under her skin. If you feel around, you can feel hard little bumps that they say is calcification. (They showed up on the x-ray and the PA actually asked me if we'd been hunting lately! Ya, I shot my daughter with the shotgun and am lying to cover it up! What a moron. I think I've posted about her before.)

Anyway, we finally ended up seeing a doctor at UNM-H in Albuquerque who diagnosed it for us. She's been in contact with surgical team in Boston (Vascular Anomalies Center at the Children's Hospital in Boston). We take Tracey back every six months to get it checked. Yesterday was one of those checkups.

As we were waiting in the room, the secretary came in apologizing and said that we really didn't need to make the trip up to Albuquerque (don't forget...we live in Silver City...4.5 hours away!!!). Fabulous...and why didn't she call me and tell me this before??? Anyway, she had a questionaire from Boston for me to fill out and then the doctor looked at Tracey's arm. They told me that the surgical team meets every month and at that time they will review Tracey's file (photos, MRI, etc) and determine whether or not she needs to have surgery on it. I will get into the details of surgery later...if/when that's what is determined that we need to do.

So we're back to playing the waiting we've been for a year and a half. The last six months or so it hasn't been bothering her much. Before, it would bother her in the mornings or if it got hit. Except for when she had the IV in that arm when she was sick around Thanksgiving time, we haven't had really any problems with it.

So we wait....

Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Milestone Has Been Reached

Krysten has reached another milestone. This weekend we took the side off the crib and turned her crib more into a daybed. This means that she is not contained in her bed. We were a bit apprehensive about this, but so far she's been staying in her bed. (Now I just jinxed us). She hasn't fallen out of bed either, which is a good news.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Basketball season has begun

Tracey had two basketball games this week. They won the first one 58-47 and then they squeaked out a win last night 33-32. Tracey scored 6 points the first night and then 8 points last night.

After being a coach I know about having to deal with parents who complain when their child doesn't get enough playing time. I told myself I wouldn't become one of those parents, and I haven't been in all the years Tracey's been playing. I've kept my mouth shut and haven't complained. Until last night. Her coach took her out with 13 minutes to go and NEVER put her back in. She was doing great, there was no reason to take her out. I was so frustrated with the coach.

On the way home we discussed the game and I talked to T about keeping a positive attitude and not letting this affect future practices and games. I told her to work hard in practice and prove to the coaches that she deserves to be a starter.

It was a new experience for me. I also need to maintain a positive attitude and set a good example. I don't want to be one of those parents who constantly bash the coach and the other players and I want Tracey to see good character displayed in me.

I am also giving the coach the benefit of the doubt because it's her husband that is their actual coach but he's been working nights this week and couldn't make the games. Hopefully things will improve when his shift changes. The season has only just started, we've got about 10 more games to go.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My new toy shelf

As anyone who has kids have an unbelievable amount of toys. My big dilemma is what to do with all those toys. My house is only a single wide so therefore the little girls' room is very small, only enough room for their beds and dressers. There is not a lot of room left over for toys.

For Christmas, Aaron ordered himself a chainsaw mill. For those of you who are like me, and are clueless as to what that is-- it is a thing that attaches to a chainsaw and allows you to cut trees into lumber of all sizes.

So...since we had a stack of lumber that Aaron had milled sitting on our porch, I asked Aaron's dad if he could make a shelf to put the toys on. He took some boards, worked some magic, and voila!, this is what I got!

The shelf works great and the girls love it! It's a great way for them to be able to actually see what toys they have. And they love to put their toys back on the shelf (well, with prompting anyway).

(Note: yes, I realize the dates are kinda backwards, the log Aaron is milling in the picture is not the one that was used for the shelf)

***Another note: check out the Central Elementary blog....Tracey made the A/B honor roll!***

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Whitewater Fire

Yesterday on my way home from Lordsburg I noticed smoke in the distance. So I did what every other good fire wife does and called my husband. When I got closer I took a picture on my phone and sent it to him and then he called dispatch to see what it was about. Aaron told me it was a small grass fire and that he wouldn't be going to it. Well, by the time I rounded the corner it had grown, not too big, but definitely big enough to put up a decent column of smoke.
When I first stopped, like any good citizen, to take pictures there were only 4 volunteer engines on scene. We snapped a few pictures and watched the action for a few minutes. There were only clumps of grass on fire around the outer edges. My kids loved getting to finally see flames (we're obsessed that way). Then we started on our way. A few minutes later Aaron calls me and says they got called and they're going to the fire! Woohoo...first fire of the year.

When we got on the other side of the hill this is what we saw.
By the time we got to town 15 minutes later we had seen a total of 13 engines and about 6 or 7 police cars.

When Aaron got home at 10pm last night I got the full report...
The fire was roughly around 50 acres, and all the volunteer engines were on scene doing structure protection for the subdivision that is right at the base of this hill. Aaron and his two crew members, plus several of the volunteers were the only ones on the mountain, they walked around the perimeter of the fire looking for hotspots and such. He had to go back this morning for mop up.

So, there was my exciting afternoon and evening. I know it wasn't a super exciting fire, but it's not often that I get to see one so close to the highway and then that fire turn out to be one that Aaron is on. I never see his fires, they're usually way out in the middle of the Wilderness...or in Montana.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lorikeets galore!!

After school on Friday Tracey got a big surprise. Her Nanny picked her up and they were off to Phoenix to go watch a Suns game!!! They had a great time and on the way home they stopped at an ostrich farm. I'm not sure where it was...details are sketchy, but she texted me this picture and wanted me to blog it. She was feeding Lorikeets. She loves feeding Lorikeets, every zoo we go to seems to have them and she can feed those birds for hours and of course they are great Kodak moments for mom!!

This picture was taken this summer at the Albuquerque Zoo. Lorikeets again....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The fridge

Krysten is on a mission to get some yogurt. That's her new favorite snack.