Monday, December 2, 2013

Random ipad/iphone pictures.

I don't really have a specific subject in mind, but I thought I would share some of the random photos on my ipad. 

Taken last week during the season opener for basketball.  Tracey is #10.

Random picture of Krysten and I just chilling on the couch.

The McDonalds drive thru window.  This was my work station during the McTeachers night fundraiser we had last month.  My job was to hand the orders to the customers out the window.  I only screwed things up once :)

I love this shot.  They are wading in the Rio Grande just below the Montano bridge in Albuquerque.

The lock screen on my ipad.  Why and how this was taken at midnight...I will never know.

Friday, June 28, 2013

K and D Day

A few days ago Kylee and I had the opportunity to spend the entire day together.  It was a great time and Kylee even made up a song to go with our day...

Mommy and Kylee
Sitting in a cafe
First came the museum
Then came the art
And now we're eating lunch!

We explored some of the fun things downtown Silver has to offer.  We went to the Silver City Museum and had lots of fun.  Kylee got to see the pictures from the floods that created the Big Ditch, then afterward we went down to the Big Ditch and looked at it with a new perspective.  

Then we wandered through some of the art galleries and discussed the various paintings, sculptures, etc that we saw. 

We stopped in at Hester House and enjoyed their fudge and truffles.  For lunch Kylee chose to eat at Millie's Bake House.  Kylee is an extremely picky eater, but I was really proud of her since she chose something new and even tried several bites of it!  That's huge for her.  And to be honest, I tried her panini and it wasn't that great anyway. Mine was really good. 

To top off the day, we picked up our bikes from the bike shop and rode around the area for awhile. 

I know this sounds like some sort of school field trip, but that is exactly what Kylee loves.  She craves learning and making connections with what she learns, and anything new and different.  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Basketball girls

Basketball is an important part of Tracey's life, she has played since she was in 1st grade. She LOVES basketball!  This year, her younger sisters got their chance to play basketball and had a great time as well.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Yay! I finally get to share my photos with the world!

Last weekend was the Tour of the Gila bike race here in Silver City.  Our family loves to watch the Saturday races downtown.  Our tradition is to walk the entire course during the race, that way we get to see the race from every vantage point.  

Sunday, May 12, 2013


I have discovered the Blogger app.  My world is much happier now.  I wasted almost an hour on my last post trying to figure out how to get my picture posted using my ipad.  

I is happy.

Here is a random photo...or 2...just to check to see how easy it is to upload photos...

Did i mention I love Instagram?

Mother's Day

Well hello there!

Miss me?

I missed you guys.

I really have no other excuse for not blogging for almost an entire year other than the fact that I don't have time anymore.  My previous teaching gig allowed me a few hours of down time everyday.  This new job....notsomuch.  

I love all the picture editing apps there are nowadays....I created this using Instagram picture collage ( or something like that).