Monday, December 26, 2011

White Christmas

I snapped this shot from the front porch reeeeally quickly ( I was standing in snow, barefoot).  Rarely do we ever get a white Christmas, but this year...we got 8-10 inches of this wonderful white stuff.  In fact, it's our second big storm that Silver City has gotten in December.  That's pretty rare here. :)

Monster snow man!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I know you might be here looking for Christmas pictures, but you won't find any.  Instead, here is a picture from several years ago.  I happened across it and thought I would share a shot from the past.

Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dreams do come true.

My husband has been a 49ers fan ever since he was little.  I have been a fan of them for approximately 3 months.  Hey, come on...I've only been a fan of football for a few short years.  (I grew up in a basketball family, a basketball town, and worshipping at the feet of Michael Jordan.  My high school didn't even have football.)

I know some of you may have read my post last year as I walked you through my team-hopping experience and I am supposed to be officially an Eagles fan.  But there's not much to cheer for this year and the 49ers are having their most successful year since 2002 (no, I didn't know that factoid on my own, I had to ask Aaron.  So don't go getting all impressed or anything).  Aaron's enthusiasm and excitement is definitely contagious, so we've all enjoyed cheering for the 9ers this year. 

For years I've always told Aaron I would buy him tickets to a game, but he's always wanted to hold off until they're actually good to go watch them.  This year he finally got his chance.  This past weekend we went to our very first NFL game in Phoenix to watch the 49ers vs. Cardinals.  Unfortunately the 9ers came up short, but it didn't matter.  It was so much fun to experience an NFL game, especially at this particular stadium.  I don't know how other stadiums are but this one has all kinds of restaurants and stores and stuff to see and do (it's kinda like a Downtown Disney type area), and we spent most of our time eating at different places (which you know if you follow me on FB, since I checked in everywhere we ate) and shopping. 

(Don't worry, I haven't completely abandoned my basketball roots in support of football.  Our weekend started out with a 4 hour drive up to Springerville to watch Tracey's basketball team play in a tournament there (see previous post), then continued with a 5 hour drive down to Phoenix for the game.  And in case you were wondering...ended with a 6 hour drive back home.  Might I point out to those of you not from these here parts- that none of this driving involved any backtracking whatsoever.  We made a giant circle through New Mexico and Arizona.)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Let's hear it for the Lady Colts!!

I really do need a camera that takes better action shots and zooms better.