Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Gonna Be a Wild Ride

Hello everyone!!

Life has once again gotten extremely busy for us.  Well, I still do the same amount of stuff...I now have added work to the crazy mix that I call life.

We had a great summer.  We did all the typical summer things- VBS, swimming lessons, t-ball, etc.  I think I talked about all that stuff in a previous post already so I won't go into detail again.

But I did figure I would catch you up on what's been going on the past 2 months.  Gosh, I can't believe October starts next week...Monday!! Yikes.  It came so fast.

Well, obviously, we've all gone back to school and work.  Tracey is a sophomore at Silver High and is enjoying her sophomore year...as much as anyone can.  She is getting geared up for basketball season which starts officially in a month, and is really excited about the season.  They have a new coach this year so we'll see what that brings.  Next Tuesday she will be eligible to get her driver's license.  I say eligible cuz I don't know when i will actually have time to take her to the MVD to get her license.  It's also that time of your high school years when you start to think about letter jackets.  Actually, we have been planning this since last year and saving money (or rather, she has been saving money for it), but we need to go get it ordered pretty soon.  You can add that to my to-do list.

Kylee and Krysten both started new schools this year.  For once we are all in ONE school district.  Count it, ONE!!!  Hooray! 

Kylee is in 2nd grade and is adjusting.  She is not super thrilled because so far, the work has been really easy for her.  Especially the homework.  But the teacher says he's working on getting her more difficult stuff (Jill, if you're reading this...she would love long distance homework...feel free to send some her way).  Her 1st grade teacher recommended she be tested for gifted so we'll work on that this year too.  Her teacher isn't against it...he's just hesitant.  Her reading has improved a lot, her reading level is 3.4.  (Remember, the kid is only 6 still).  She is in the middle of her first chapter book to read all by herself.  They have also been reading Charlotte's Web in class and are going to the county fair this week so Kylee is very excited about that.  Kylee is also looking forward to this winter because she wants to play basketball just like her big sister does.  She will get the chance to play in the peewee league here.

Krysten has started Kinder and loves, loves it.  Both of my girls love school.  Tracey used to...but she's a teenager now...she'd never admit to liking it now :)  Anyway, Krysten is doing great and is in the top portion of her class.  Going to preK really helped her.  She's learning letters and all the typical Kinder stuff so she feels like such a big, smart, girl.

Both girls are in Awana's again this year.  Now that Krysten is in Kinder they are both Sparkies.  That means Krysten is going to actually have to work at memorizing her verses.  Or rather, Mama needs to step it up.

Both girls are also in dance this year.  They wanted to try a different type of dance so we enrolled at a different dance studio in town- this one has a class that is a combo dance/cheer/tumbling class.  They both really like the cheer aspect to begin with, but seem to be gravitating to the tumbling more.  Unfortunately the closest gymnastics is in Deming, which is an hour away.  I seriously don't have the time to drive to Deming once a week on top of everything else.  So we'll see where these classes take us and where their interests go. 

Both girls are in Girl Scouts for the first time this year too.  This is a new one for me.  I have absolutely no idea what to expect for this year except lots of cookies.  Which is bad.  We usually limit ourselves to 2 boxes a year. Krysten is a Daisy and Kylee is a Brownie.  It sounds like a lot of fun, but also a lot of work and I'm not sure how it will all work in, but we'll see. 

So...my weekly routine?  Mondays- dance, Tuesdays- Krysten girl scouts, Tracey youth group, Wednesdays- Awanas for all of us (well 3 of us), Thursdays- nothing yet, Fridays- nothing yet. 

It certainly makes the weeks fly by pretty quickly.  I don't know when Kylee's girl scout mtngs are yet so we'll see how that all fits in to the mix.

Plus, add to all this that I am back at work for the school year, and of course Aaron is working.  He is planning to be gone for a lot of October with trainings and such so that always makes things interesting. 

So when I don't answer your emails, facebook msgs, or anything else...don't be offended.  I've just been too busy to spend much recreation time on the computer.  But don't worry, I am always here, stalking everyone's blog and doing a quick fly-by on facebook.  I even am too busy to update my status very often.  Add to the fact that my computer is on it's last legs.  About a month ago it had an "All Systems Failure" episode and we got it going again, but it's just limping along.  I haven't reinstalled any of my programs because I'm paranoid that it'll be a waste of time.  So i'm just biding my time until we can afford a new one. 

You might think I'm crazy, and I wonder that myself a lot of times too, but I don't want to limit my children's activities solely on the fact that Mama doesn't feel like it.  Awanas is our main commitment and the rest we try our best to get to.

As a family- we have Fall break coming up in a few weeks and will be spending the time at the ranch.  Aaron scheduled his elk hunt during that time.  We're also going to the Balloon Fiesta again this year.  We haven't been in several years so I'm really looking forward to that.  Also, someone gave us season passes to the WNMU football games so we're trying to make as many of those as possible.  Kylee is turning into quite the fan of the game.  Her daddy is loving spending time with her talking football :)

So there you have it....my life as it is right now.  Hang on tight, it's going to be a wild ride.