Saturday, May 28, 2011

Confession Time

I must confess...

...I haven't finished my bookclub read for May.

I'm only on like page 57 or something totally lame like that.

I've had all stinking month to get it read, but nooooooo, I couldn't make it happen.

I like the book, I just haven't had the time to read it.

I've been juggling a million balls this month, seemingly a new ball each day even, and reading my book seems to be one of the balls that I dropped.

My apologies.

Next month I'll do better.


I will even take the time to get this book finished too.


Ah heck.  Now I just realized I need to come up with next month's suggestion. 

I'll get back to you on that one.

On a different note, guess who is the first to read a book on my Nook? 

Nope, not me.

Yes, if you guessed the person who has also spent a great deal of time checking Facebook on my Nook, then you are absolutely CORRECT!!

Au revoir (whatever the tarnation that means) (but it just popped into my head as the ending to this post) (okay, leaving now.)

(okay, this time I mean it)

(argh!  this is why I shouldn't post late at night...I get goofy)

(enough with the parenthesis already)

(my 3 yr old has decided to not stay in her bed and is now sitting on my counter playing horses)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Thinkin'

Today marks the first official day of my summer break.  So far I've spent my day doing great and exciting things like going to the post office and grocery shopping.  We did manage to get to the library which for us, is definitely a summer activity. 

Tracey's life is now going to be consummed with basketball, basketball, and a little volleyball thrown in for good measure.  She has practice-- I mean open gym,  every day until July.  She is playing in the Jesse Darnell 3-3 tournament this weekend, then possibly going to a basketball team camp in Las Cruces next week.  Her schedule makes me tired.

Oh!  and speaking of being tired.  I am going to start P09X on Monday! 

My birthday is coming up next week.  Am I the only adult that gets super excited about their birthday and counts down in their head from a month in advance?? 

Wanna know what I'm getting/have already gotten for my birthday??  Do ya, do ya?  Well I'm gonna show you anyway!
My mommy and daddy got me the Nook color.  I am already in love with it, it's going to be so much fun.  More birthday ideas?....maybe B&N giftcards.  :)

My grandma gave me her FiestaWare dishes.  I've been eyeing them for years and she's finally decided to part with them!  Thank you, thank you.  They make my cupboard so pretty and festive!

Aaron doesn't know it yet, but he's getting me a pair of Keens.  I found some at REI on sale, so those puppies are gonna be on my feet soon!  I never buy my own presents, I prefer to be surprised, plus I don't like to be like that.  But since he's spent almost 30 days out in the wilderness on the fire and will be coming home on my birthday and will have obviously not gotten a chance to buy me something, I thought I would make things easier on him.  :)

Speaking of Aaron, since April 28, he has spent 30 days (well, by the time he comes home next week) on the Miller Fire with only 3 days off.  He is ready for a break.  I was able to talk to him a few days on the satellite phone, but the connection was horrible.  He did tell me he wanted me to plan something fun for us to do cuz he will take 4 days off.  I didn't have the heart (or the connection) to explain to him that we won't be able to.  The girls' ballet recital is that Friday, right in the middle of the 4 days off. 

Well, those are the thoughts swirling around in my head this afternoon.

Oh, another thought.  Everyday, all day the helicopters from the fire fly directly over our house on their way to refuel.  They are dumping water on the fire, you can see the buckets on a couple of them and then one of them has a snorkel to suck the water up into it's belly. 

Anyway, my girls run outside everytime they fly over to see them.  It's their little connection to their daddy.  I am thinking of writing a message on our roof....Aaron Jones we love u!  He isn't in the helicopters, but I know that he has contact with the pilots.  Wouldn't that be funny?  Maybe just to me. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Never too old to be a princess

My oldest daughter forgot her backpack at school yesterday.

Today she needed to take clothes for shoot-around basketball practice after school.

Kylee did not have school today.

Tracey willingly and purposefully took Kylee's backpack.

Yes, my 14 year old daughter took a Princess Tiana backpack to school.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I am not complaining.

Thought I would give you all an update on what's been going on in our life lately. 

Let me tell ya, it's been crazy busy around here...which is pretty much normal. But the next few weeks will take crazy to a whole 'nother level.

May is the craziest month at school with so many things going on and my schedule is 3 times worse since I work in 3 different schools.  I have a gazillion things at school to make it to.

We have all our regular stuff...Bible study, Awanas, church, youth group, etc.  But now add on top of that Kylee's PreK program, Kylee's t-ball practice (which is at an almost impossible time for me to be there on time), Tracey's orthodontist appt (2 hrs away), Tracey's parent conferences, youth fundraiser, ballet, school music program, church music program,  and...

...and that's just a few of the things up thru next week. 

To top all that off, Krysten got sick, then Kylee, then me.  Ugh, and double ugh.

Aaron will be home by Sunday- that's when he hits 14 days and has to have a mandatory day off. 

Thank goodness. 

Mind you, I'm not complaining.  It's been worse

Right now...I can handle this.  So far :o)

Not complaining...just updating.

I will complain about one thing...tire irons.  Did you know that GMC tire irons do NOT fit Toyota lug nuts.  Yep.  That's true.  Grrr.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Miller Fire

I've been playing the single mom gig lately.  And I'll be doing it at least through the end of next week.  Aaron is working on the Miller Fire.

Fire season is rockin' already and it's not even June yet!

This is the Miller Fire, located north of Silver City near the Cliff Dwellings.  Last I heard it was like 12,000 acres or something like that.  When Aaron got to it last Friday morning it was 30 acres.  Then it blew up to 3000 in less than 2 hours!  Right now no one is actually directly fighting it becuz it's in some gnarly country.  So they are digging line to prepare to stop it when it reaches the lines.  Aaron is in charge of all that part.  Or at least that's how I understand it :)

This is not Aaron but it is a pretty accurate picture of what he does.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teacher Appreciation

I think I am getting the best teacher appreciation gift ever...a day off.

Of course this day off is cleverly disguised as a sick day. 

But you really can't go wrong if it's almost 9am and you're still in your jammies.  That, my friends, is a good good day. 

Oh, let me clarify, I'm not the one sick.  That wouldn't make it a good day at all, not at all.  (You need to say that using the voice of Sara from Land Before Time)