Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teacher Appreciation

I think I am getting the best teacher appreciation gift ever...a day off.

Of course this day off is cleverly disguised as a sick day. 

But you really can't go wrong if it's almost 9am and you're still in your jammies.  That, my friends, is a good good day. 

Oh, let me clarify, I'm not the one sick.  That wouldn't make it a good day at all, not at all.  (You need to say that using the voice of Sara from Land Before Time)

1 comment:

momnextdoor said...

That definitely sounds like a good way to celebrate teacher appreciation! May I live vicariously through you? (I'm not a teacher, I just want a day off and still be in my jammies!) Enjoy the day! I hope whoever is sick doesn't ruin your day by puking on you. Good luck! :-)