Friday, May 6, 2011

Miller Fire

I've been playing the single mom gig lately.  And I'll be doing it at least through the end of next week.  Aaron is working on the Miller Fire.

Fire season is rockin' already and it's not even June yet!

This is the Miller Fire, located north of Silver City near the Cliff Dwellings.  Last I heard it was like 12,000 acres or something like that.  When Aaron got to it last Friday morning it was 30 acres.  Then it blew up to 3000 in less than 2 hours!  Right now no one is actually directly fighting it becuz it's in some gnarly country.  So they are digging line to prepare to stop it when it reaches the lines.  Aaron is in charge of all that part.  Or at least that's how I understand it :)

This is not Aaron but it is a pretty accurate picture of what he does.

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momnextdoor said...

Amazing! I'll pray for his, and everyone fighting the fires, safety!