Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"we are going to boat?"

Ahhh... election day. At long last the phone calls will stop and I will no longer have to throw away an entire forest of political flyers.

So on the way home yesterday I told kylee that we were going to vote when we got back to Silver City.

Then she kept asking me "are we going to see fishies?" What?!?...fishies. Where on earth does she think we'll see fishies? Hello! We live in the desert.

Then it finally dawned on me after about 30 minutes that she was saying "boat" instead of "vote!" I get it now.

"No honey, no fishies, but we might see an army tank!" (Yes a tank, our new voting precinct was at the national guard armory.)

Okay, I must confess...I have an addiction. To these blasted blogs. I only follow one, but then I click around and randomly read a bunch of others. Come on people, I've got to get some work done at some point!

To my one devoted follower.... I apologize for not blogging yesterday.

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