Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lyna the Lizard

Every night when we say prayers, Kylee prays for her pet lizards (imaginary lizards). She asks God to feed them for her and take of them. I asked her once where her lizards lived and she told me that her lizards live at her friends' house (again, imaginary friends). Okay. So we pray for her lizards.
Well today she got a real live lizard. I went to clean out the toys in the girls' bathtub and found a lizard in the tub. (Yes, I am kind of embarassed to admit that I found a lizard in my house.) How it got there and how long it'd been there, I have no idea. We've been gone for the last 5 days.
So of course we caught the lizard and Kylee held her and watched her for quite a while and named her Lyna. I finally convinced her that Lyna would be much happier living in the bushes instead of in my ice tea pitcher. So Kylee finally decided to let Lyna go home. With much pomp and circumstance, Lyna crawled out of the pitcher and ran home into the bushes.


Tiffany said...

haha!! Thats so cute!!! I have yet to find a lizard... But I have found numerous other things in my house! (that shouldnt be in the house)

PBJ said...

I am so proud of you for letting her have Lyna for a little while. I think I would have made Treb caught the baby dino and take it away. Far far far away.