Friday, September 18, 2009

Honesty Pays

Recently I ordered a pair of tennis shoes from Foot Locker. I never received them and when I called Customer Service, they told me the shoes had been returned. (I won't even go into delivery service to our house.) So I the kind lady sent me another pair. I got that pair in a few days and all things were right in my world.

Then I received a box from UPS...another pair of the same exacty pair of shoes. (I'm guessing they were the original pair.) What the heck? Two pair of ridiculously expensive shoes? The second pair being totally free? Score!

But wait...there's that pesky conscience again. I knew the right thing to do would be to call and return the shoes. Maybe they will say to go ahead and keep the shoes, since you know, it'd be such a hassle and all to send them back.

When I called Customer Service again the lady was surprised at my honesty. She said she would send me a mailing label to return them (so much for charity). Then she told me that FootLocker would send me a giftcard for being honest.

Well, that's a pleasant surprise. Thank you.

Yesterday I received my gift card in the mail.

What??? My honesty is only worth $10???? Those shoes were $115!!!!

***Despite the fact that the gift card is only $10, I am happy that I returned the shoes. I would never have been able to wear them and it would've eaten at my conscience.***


PBJ said...

$10.00 is worth not having that annoying little man or woman inside saying, "I told you to return them." Or my luck winding up in the ER with a boken bone from falling while wearing the shoes I should have returned.

Anonymous said...

Proud of you Dayna!! If I didn't know better I would say you were Catholic and suffering from Catholic guilt-perhaps we don't a franchise on it!! Jill