Monday, August 2, 2010

Our newest family members.

The first kitty is Misty. 

She is Krysten's cat, but she still lives at the ranch because Mama didn't want to have 3 grown-up cats.

I regret not bringing her anyway. 
The other kitty is Muffin.  He came home with us (because I was under the impression that he was a she).
Many of you saw on FB that one of the kitties bit me.   After I had caught these I decided to catch the snowball white one.  He/she was doing okay in my arms, but I hadn't yet got the chance to completely calm him down when Krysten came running up to me.  That was when the cat completely flipped out.  He sunk his teeth into my finger.  Oh Lordy, it HURT!!!  I had to wait for him to release my finger before I could release him because I was afraid I would lost part of my finger!

Normally I don't worry about cat bites and scratches.   It's part of the package when trying to catch and tame wild kitties.  But this one was pretty deep so I thought that I might need a tetanus shot. 

So my mom called the local doctor in Quemado (who's only there 1 day a week) and asked him.  Well, this doctor freaked out since the bite was directly on the knuckle (not a good place...who knew?) and said I needed antibiotics ASAP. 

Now, it's important to know where I was.  I was over 150 miles away from my own doctor, 70 miles away from the nearest pharmacy, and 25 miles away from the nearest doctor.  Literally in the middle of nowhere.  Antibiotics and a doctor visit weren't simple things. 

So my mom and I drove 45 minutes to town to see the doctor and get my prescription.  I ended up getting my tetanus shot too. 

Then we drove another hour to fill my prescription. 

I am happy to report that I have not died of any horrible cat germ diseases and my finger is recovering just fine. 

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