Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Our Independence Day started out pretty rainy and cloudy.  Which is veeeeeery unusual for these parts.  I'm not sure it's ever rained on the 4th, ever.  Luckily it cleared off in time for the parade and all that was left was the clouds so it made for nice temperatures while we watched the parade.  Usually it's a zillion degrees and in the direct sun. 

For those of you who get my Christmas will certainly see these pictures again!

I love how I caught Krysten jumping in the air.  These are the girls and their friend Gage.  They were watching all the firetrucks go by with their sirens blaring. 

Later that evening we watched the city fireworks.  Aaron applied some new skills he'd learned with our new camera and got some pretty neat shots of the fireworks. 

I love this last one, how it has little squigglies on the end of each strand. 
Definitely not something you see with the naked eye. 


Mum-me said...

Cool fireworks photos. I like how your girls are all dressed in patriotic colours.

Anonymous said...

HMMM How come I don't get your Christmas calendar???
Cute Pictures and I am impressed by the firework pictures!!!