Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow Day!!!

Living in Silver City and working in Lordsburg can sometimes be a big bummer, especially in the winter. Whenever it snows, Silver always gets a 2 hour delay or cancelled. Not so with Lordsburg. It rarely ever snows in Lordsburg and certainly not enough to warrant a 2 hour delay. So, when all our friends get to play in the snow, we always have to trek down to Lordsburg to go to school. Once upon a time, we got a snow day only because the road was closed. Oh happy, glorious day!!!
So yesterday morning when we woke up to our first snow storm of the season we were excited to see the snow (only about 3 inches), but still were planning on going to school. The girls got ready fast and had time to play before we left. About 10 minutes after we left we heard those magical, glorious words on the radio "Highway 90 to Lordsburg is closed!!!!" Cheers were heard throughout the Yukon!!! Oh yipppeee, snow day for us. We flipped a u-ey and headed for home.
A bunch of the kids in the neighborhood decended upon our house and they played outside in the snow for hours. Until slowly, each one got too cold to continue and would come inside where I had the fire going and hot chocolate waiting. Tracey of course, was the last one to come in, sometime in the afternoon. Kylee had a great time, but Krysten wouldn't let me put her down! This was her first real experience with snow (last year she was too little).


randombitsofnonsense said...

Oh my goodness I miss living there were we would actually get some snow! Looks like you all had fun :)

Anonymous said...

i know it was so fun me and all my friends had the best day ever!!!!!! we r suposed to get some more but thats proboly not going to happen.