Friday, March 20, 2009

Praise to God

Tonight was one of those nights that we dream about in our house. It was just me and the little girls and I savored the entire evening with them.

They are starting to play together for sustained periods of time (in their room, which is even better. Never mind the fact that they piled EVERYTHING into Krysten's converted crib bed.) and tonight was one of those nights. Kylee has a very active imagination and made up some story they were acting out, sending Krysten to get this and that. Which Krysten was quite happy to do. They had some minor squabbles such as throwing toys (Kylee's got a nice bump on her eyebrow now), and not sharing horses. But after a few reminders from me they actually LISTENED and didn't fight anymore!!! They were actually sharing their toys and acting out their story.

Kylee is cracking me up with this new found creativity of hers. She makes up words, not because she has difficulty talking, oh no, not Kylee. The kid is NEVER at loss for words. (what's w/ me and caps tonight?) She now makes up words just for fun, and probably because it confused Mommy and Daddy. Pretty soon she'll speak in a whole new language. She is also making up other stuff...

She also told me tonight "Granny and my brother died and we should praise to God"

"what?", I asked her. "um...don't you mean pray?"

"no Mom, I like saying praise better"


I would like to note here, we never have had anyone named Granny in our family and she most certainly has never had a brother. Where on earth does she come up with this stuff?????

But I digress... end the evening, Krysten went to bed without a fuss. Which is great because she only likes Daddy putting her to bed...but he's not here...soooooooo......

And so did a fairly reasonable time!!!! Yippee for me. Does that mean I get to go to bed early? Noooooo, I'm not that smart...instead I stay up finishing my book and now here I am at almost midnight on the blasted computer!!!!

Calm, smooth evenings likes this one are few and far between so I wanted to cherish this moment and share it with you.

Good night!

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