Thursday, May 28, 2009

In case you ever wonder...

Anyone ever wonder what life is like with my very active children? Even if you hadn't wondered, I decided to write down events over the course of an entire day. This is how my day went yesterday. Keep in mind, this was a pretty calm day for us

Kylee crawls in bed with us and immediately falls back to sleep.

Aaron gets up for work.

Kylee wakes us. I refuse to.

I turn on Dora to keep her entertained while I catch some more sleep.

I finally drag myself out of bed and fix Kylee breakfast.

Start cleaning kitchen.

Krysten wakes up.

Fix her breakfast- yogurt and banana.

Clean table again becuz Krysten used the yogurt as fingerpaint.

Sit and eat my breakfast. Raisin Bran- but more bran than becuz Krysten crawls on my lap picks out all my raisins.

I try and watch Regis and Kelly.

Play cards on the bed with Krysten. Where's Kylee?

Discover that Kylee has wrapped herself up in scotch tape.

Kylee tackles Krysten, then tries to console her.

Still trying to watch Regis and Kelly.

Paint 20 toes and 20 fingernails various colors of green, pink, and gold.

Everyone brushes teeth. (Notice I haven't showered or gotten dressed)

Kids are still wearing what they wore yesterday cuz we got home late and they slept in their clothes.

Both girls climb up on my bathroom counter. Discover that Kylee is cleaning the mirror w/ Aaron's toothbrush.

Distract them with going swimming in the front yard. Happiness all around. Except the cat. Kylee threw her in the pool and the cat wasn't too happy.

I rake the yard while they play in the pool.

Grama Lucy calls. She's coming through town and wants to meet for lunch.

Now we all have to get dressed. Although considering the people at Mickey D's, I wouldn't've been the only one wearing pajamas.

Lunch at McDonald's. Not a bad experience, could've been worse.

Get home and lay the girls down for their naps.

Put Krysten back in bed.

Put Krysten back in bed.

Put Krysten back in bed.

An hour later she still hasn't fallen asleep so I give up.

When the girls wake up they go swimming again. This time sans clothing. While they play I water the yard. This creates some mud.

My girls are such opportunists! Much happiness all around playing naked in the mud.

Daddy's home!

Cook dinner and sit down to eat it. Kylee refuses to eat her food.

Screaming. Crying. Screaming. Crying.

Oh yes, family dinners are a pleasant experience!

Jammies, books, and bedtime stories.



Angela said...

Yes that sounds about right! Life with little ones is an adventure.

PBJ said...

So did you get to work on the portfolio? Enjoy these times I've heard you never get them back??!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dayna-now that I have seen the girls it gives me a very cute visual of your day!!!! Hope today you don't ever get dressed. In my world you just call them pajama days and call it a day. Jill