Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Meason Fire

Aaron came home for one mandatory day off yesterday. He was the IC (incident commander) on the Meason Fire here in the Gila Wilderness (it was even on the news--KRQE). He left again today and he'll be out on the fire for 2 weeks. That's the way things go during fire season.
I uploaded a video but it wouldn't play--big bummer!

On a different note--
I think I am finally packed for my trip to St. Louis. I am going for a school conference. Unfortunately I can't really tell you much about the conference but I do know a lot about many of the places to visit in St. Louis.
I am home alone tonight. I don't know when the last time that has happened. Aaron's on a fire and the girls are at my mom's at the ranch.

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PBJ said...

I like the pics I guess Aaron does not. But at least you get alone time. Have fun on your trip.