Friday, June 26, 2009

My very own X-Man, errr...X-Girl

So many of you know that Tracey has an issue with her left arm.

Originally it was diagnosed as a hemangioma. BUT, now that has changed. Her medical records were sent to Boston for review at the Vascular Anomalies Center. They re-diagnosed her as having a venous malformation. What is that, you ask? Well, in short, it's a genetic mutation (hence the X-Men) of her veins. Meaning they didn't form right. The vein walls are weak and expand and form blod clots and such.

So now what?

I recently had a conversation with one of the leading pediatric vascular surgeons in the country and she recommends a procedure called sclerotherapy. They will have to inject her veins with something to drain the bad veins and hopefully block them so they won't fill up again. Evidently there are backup veins to use. I should have paid more attention during Anatomy class in college. There will be a series of 3 surgeries to fix the problem. In. Houston. Texas.

As you know, my lovely X-Girl loves sports and is planning on playing volleyball this year. Remember, the malformation is in her FOREARM. The doctor said that was the worst sport she could play *laughs* but doesn't like to restrict patients. So she's got the go-ahead to play, but she has to wear a compression sleeve on her arm.

So there you have update on our X-Girl.


Anonymous said...

POOR Tracey!! Sounds like she will needs lots of tender loving care!!! Jill

Tiffany said...

Ohhhh sad!!! But at least you know what it is now, and there is something they can do for it.. When will she have the surgeries done??

Anonymous said...

that is mest mom hope u get this cuz ur gonna hear it over and over