Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

For Kylee and Krysten's very first trick or treating ever, we went to Sierra Vista to visit our cousins. The little girls were so excited about it. We went on Post (Ft. Huachuca) and it was great. Kylee caught on really fast and was running from house to house. Krysten refused to carry her candy bucket, but loved ringing door bells!

Princess Ariel

Princess Snow White

Sista Princessa (I know it's not really Spanish, but it rhymes!)

...and their mom.

*** no, I didn't forget Tracey...she went to her dad's for Halloween***


Tiffany said...


PBJ said...

I love all the pics. They are cutiessssss..

Anonymous said...

they are so cute and did you know Becky still identifies with all those Princesses and still watches the videos and of course, she is our princess and you my dear are a very wicked WITCH. Down right scary. Jill

Parrothead said...

Cute, cute, and scary! Won't take an apple from you!

Anonymous said...
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