Friday, January 15, 2010

Daycare Felons

I have to vent today.

My kids were kicked out of their daycare yesterday. Tried and convicted without a jury. Sentenced with no chance of parole.

Lately my kids have been exhibiting more aggressive behavior at the babysitter and then Monday Kylee bit another little girl. Kylee isn't a biter, but you know how it goes...sometimes it just happens. Not that it excuses Kylee's biting, but anyway.

Okay, my kids shouldn't be hitting, kicking, and especially biting. BUT the kids at the babysitter are 2, 3, 4, and 4 years old. There's bound to be some fighting and such. I know they aren't perfect and mine are more rambunctious than most little girls. Why are my kids the only ones guilty? What have the other kids done?

The kicker is that the babysitter did nothing to punish my children after any of these incidents. No spanking, no timeout, nothing. Really? How are they going to learn to stop that behavior if they aren't punished for it????

A wise friend pointed out to me last night that maybe this is God's way of telling us that they don't need to be there. So I'm keeping that thought foremost in my mind. Now, I pray that we can find the right location for them.

Thanks for listening.
Update to previous post:
Aaron talked to the babysitter this afternoon and asked questions that I was too upset to ask. What he learned changes my perspective on the discipline issue somewhat. Somewhat.
The babysitter is state funded and therefore is held to many rules and procedures that affect the way she does things.
One of the things is not being allowed to spank or restrain the children in any way. She was not able to enforce timeouts because she couldn't physically pick the child up and put them back after they take off (we've all been there).
So my kids ended up taking advantage (as kids will do. any kids given the chance) of the situation and she lost control of them.


PBJ said...

We will keep you and the girls in our prayers for the right out come.

Angela said...

I think that I would agree with your friend and that is not the best or right place for them. I will be praying that you find the right place for them soon.