Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Illegal Substances

In a house inhabited by 4 females you are bound to find an assortment of chapsticks and lip glosses. That is how it is in our house.

My youngest daughter has found alternative uses for these items.

They are a food group.

They are an art supply.

Apparently even plastic toys need a little chapstick love now and then too.

As a result of these alternative uses, I have banned all lip glosses and chapsticks in our house. I have located and disposed of all the remaining items and was resting easy and secure in the knowledge that I had done a thorough job.

Until last night.

Kylee came running up to me "Look what Tracey gave me!" Proudly displaying her handful of Skittle flavored chapsticks.

"TRACEY! You are grounded for a month!"

"For what?" She squeaked.

"For bringing illegal substances into our house."

"oh," came her quiet reply.


randombitsofnonsense said...

Oh yes, we have the same rule in our house! I feel like I carry contraband in my purse and have to sneak around to use it :)

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