Monday, April 12, 2010

Kayaking on the Gila River

It is that wonderful time of year again, when the stars and planets have aligned just right....'s the time when all the heavy snowpack from the mountains starts to melt and the Gila River is flowing at it highest levels of the year. This year we've gotten an exceptional amount of snow in the mountains, which translates into higher than normal water levels on the river as it melts and starts to runoff.

That means my dear hubby has had water on the brain all spring. He is so excited, it's been fun to watch his excitement build. He and some friends are planning a weekend kayak trip on the Gila River.
This year his friend Nick and Nick's wife, Tawnya are going with him. I have an important job for this trip. I am the official babysitter.This past weekend they decided to do a trial run. I dropped them off near the Bird Sanctuary (close to Bill Evans Lake) and drove around to pick them up at Red Rock. They floated what is known as the Middle Box.
They had a blast! They encountered rapids bigger than they expected, but it only added excitement and adventure to their trip. At one point they hit some rapids that emptied into a big hole. Nick and Tawnya went for a swim and Aaron went into the hole backwards!

They had a fabulous time and are anxiously waiting for this weekend.


Mum-me said...

Just had a read through your last few posts - what beautiful girls you have! Hope your new teenager has a happy birthday.

Kayaking through rapids sounds really scary to me! I think those who do it are very brave. Hope you get a special treat for being the official babysitter.

Anonymous said...

Yes, really. And I have faced it. We can communicate on this theme. Here or in PM.