Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Journey Through the NFL

"Who's your favorite NFL team?"

That is probably the most asked question of a PE teacher.  Maybe any teacher for that matter.  Older students seem obsessed with wanting to know who you cheer for on the weekends. 

For years my usual answer was "I don't have one."  This response was usually met with puzzled looks.  "I don't really care for football."  That was met with even more puzzled looks.  Almost anti-American. 

My dear hubby is a big football fan.  Thanks to ESPN, NBC, and the NFL channel football is on in our house 24/7.  I have picked up some football knowledge through osmosis.  Aaron was very patient in explaining the game to me and now that I understand a small smidgen of it, I kinda enjoy it.

So I decided I would pick a football team to become a fan of.  (Now I know all you die-hard football fans out there would shudder at that so you might want to skip the rest of this.)

I began a very lengthy elimination process. 

I evaluated teams based on stats, records, playoff potential, and quarterback ratings.


I evaluated teams based on a rigorous process of comparing team colors and team names.   My hubby told me to eliminate the Cowboys and the Packers.  So in the interest of saving my marriage, I immediately crossed those off my list.  Wasn't difficult.

I didn't like the stripey helmets, so the Bengals got scratched.  I refuse to wear blue and orange (blech!) so bye-bye Broncos.  Some mascots just didn't do it for me...the Browns?  Come on.  That doesn't exactly strike fear in you.  I also refused to cheer from any team from Texas.  I don't like Mike Ditka so there went the Bears (but Urlacher is from NM, so that posed a bit of a conflict for me.)

And so on.  You get the idea. 

Finally I had only a few teams left on the list.   Since we had just been to Tampa, FL I felt a connection with their team.  Plus, pirates are kinda cool. 

*insert drum roll please*

I chose the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Now I had an answer.  All were happy.  For awhile.

Problem was, I never watched a game, couldn't name a single player on the team and sometimes I even forgot I was supposed to be cheering for them.

So the next season I picked a new team.  I am ashamed to admit I jumped on the bandwagon and became a Saints fan.  Not ashamed to be a Saints fan, only ashamed of the bandwagon jumping.

Rejoicing in the land.  I even knew who the quarterback was.

The next season I forgot to cheer for them.  I also felt no connection with anyone.  So I again began my search for another team. 

*insert another drum roll*

I have chosen a new team.  This team was even one of my finalists in my original quest.

I really like Michael Vick.  His team was also one of my original finalist teams, mainly due to him.  Then he had a bit of a difficulty.  We won't go into that now.

But he's back!!!

So by combining my original finalist get...

Be proud.  I can name their quarterback, I actually watch their games (which is probably an important thing to do as a fan), they are the conference rivals of the Cowboys (and I'm a total Cowboys hater), their colors aren't bad, and there is a distinct possibility that I might even have the chance to go to a live game.  You see, they play the 49ers (which is Aaron's team). 

My quest to find a football team has finally ended in Philadelphia. 

Thank you for coming with me on this tumultuous and confusing journey :)

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Anonymous said...

Dayna, you have been known to wear blue and orange-I must, must, must add to your wardrobe and soon. Just stick with college football - it is much more fun and because players change all the time it doesn't matter if you know who the quarterback. Jill