Monday, December 6, 2010

Tis the season... season.
Basketball is definitely Tracey's favorite sport.  She's been playing basketball since she was in 1st grade and every year we've watched her grow up, develop her skills, and enjoy the game.  It's been a great journey watching her mature to the point she is now. 

She is an 8th grader this year so it's the last season before moving up to the high school.  Yikes, I don't even want to think about that...the fact that my first born will be in high school in less than a year...oy.

As some of you know, she changed schools last year and now attends La Plata here in Silver City.  Before that she rode down with me to Lordsburg, all the way from Kinder thru 6th grade.  It was an easy transition for her and for us.  It's so much easier having her attend the school in the same town we live in, especially now that she's busy with extracurricular activites. 

I've learned a few things now that I'm the parent of a player instead of just the player.  It is way more nerve-wracking being the parent.  Holy cow!  They've had some close games and I think I've been a basketcase inside.  (I try not be one of those outwardly dramatic parents).  It's so exciting to watch your child make great plays and score points. 

I remember after all my games when I was in school my dad and I would rehash the game play-by-play.  We would discuss mistakes and celebrate the successes together.  I had forgotten the fun of doing that.  Now, Tracey and I talk about her games afterward.

Recently, my parents came down to see one of Tracey's games.  Usually they leave immediately afterward to go back to Quemado, but this time they decided to spend the night.  I know my dad was pleased as punch because once again he got to rehash the game, this time with his granddaughter, just like he and I used to do.  I know Tracey enoyed getting to talk with him about it.   I know I enjoyed all of us talking about the game, it was lots of fun and brought back lots of memories.

** I was waiting til I downloaded more pics to post this, but it's been so long since I've posted, I thought I'd share it anyway.  Enjoy**

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Anonymous said...

Oh Dayna!! The memories!! And the rehashing although that was with their dad not me!! I am more the cheerleader kind but I remember your feelings and I so miss those days. Jill