Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is your child ready to read?

I know every parent likes to brag about their kid and thinks they're the smartest thing since Einstein.  The dude, not the bagels.  And I'm no different.  My middle child is extremely smart.  Too smart for her own good.  I could go on and on about examples of how smart she is but that's not the point of this post.

This summer I have been looking for activities to challenge Kylee.  One of the things she loves to do is read.  She's been begging to learn to read.  There are a zillion sites out there where people have created educational activities to do with your child, no matter the age.  I looked at many of them and finally found one that fits our style.  It's called The Moffatt Girls and she is a former teacher now stay-at-home mom.  She has created a wonderful program that teaches your child sight words and word families.  It's called Ready2Read and you know the best thing about it?  It's free!!

We are currently doing Unit 4 and Kylee absolutely loves doing her daily activities.  She has created a word wall with her new sight words and she also puts up all the other fun activities that she does.   My camera is on the blink...(rather, my stupid computer refuses to acknowledge my camera) so I can't upload any pictures of Kylee doing her activities, but on her website Annie has taken pictures of her own daughter completing all the activities so you can see it in action. 

I highly recommend you check out this site and download and try the Ready2Read program.  You'll love it.  And so will your kids.


Annie Moffatt said...

Aww....thank you so much for the sweet post and the shout out! I LOVE reading about the success people are experiencing with the Ready2Read program! It makes all the effort and time well worth it:) Such kind words:)

Anonymous said...

It's cool to see a child so motivated and a parent so willing to help. Wish I could get that with high schoolers. Info diva

momnextdoor said...

I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award because I think you rock. http://lilycontadino.blogspot.com/2011/08/versatile-blogger.html