Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tacos a la Flambe...a new recipe.

Last night I made tacos.  Now, I know in most of the parts of the country you guys buy Old El Paso brand premade hard taco shells.  Not so in New Mexico.  Those kinds of taco shells are almost sacriligious, I'm not even sure they sell them in the stores.  In these parts, we fry our own shells.  Trust me, they're way better.  No contest.

So, I was happily frying the tortillas (blue corn torillas, if you want to know)  and was being fairly successfull at it.  Usually that's Aaron's job, but since he wasn't home yet, the duty fell to me.

Where was I?  Oh, right, I was about to stir the beans (not crappy black beans or whatever ya'll eat elsewhere, but good ole refried pinto beans).  Anyway, I wasn't paying attention and accidently let the condensation from the lid pour into my pan of hot oil. 

I now have flame marks on the hood above the stove.

1 comment:

momnextdoor said...

That totally sucks! I'm just glad the flame marks are on the stove hood and not your face!

(I want to eat tacos your way! Minus the flames of course but it sounds soooo much better!)