Friday, September 30, 2011

Today is the end of Kylee's first week in 1st grade.  And she has done fabulous!!  She begs me everyday..."Please let me stay in 1st grade". 

She adjusted very quickly to the work.  They write a lot more and I'm a little concerned just because her writing skills aren't up to snuff.  Or at least what I think they should be.  We never really practiced on good handwriting.  She can definitely write her letters, but they're still...wonky.  She got a 102% on her spelling test yesterday and is very excited that 1st graders got to check out 3 books from the library instead of just 1.  She is AR testing and they're also did other tests on her to be sure how she fit in academically and she performed better than most of the other 1st graders.  She really enjoys doing subtraction as well.  Addition she's been doing for quite some time, but subtraction is new.

Adjusting socially has been pretty easy.  She already knew a couple of the kids in her class (one from ballet, the other from daycare) so that really helped- seeing familiar faces.  Her birthday is in November (she will be 6) so she isn't really that much younger than the rest of her classmates.  From the beginning she has always gravitated toward older kids at church and stuff.  So I am not too worried about the maturity/age factor.  Even when she gets older, mainly becuz, like I said, (wow, too many she isn't much younger than the others. 

I can tell her little brain is finally getting worked because she is definitely tired in the evenings.  Hopefully that will level out when she has had more time to adjust. 

We still need to officially go through all the hoops to get her moved up, but it definitely looks like I now have a 1st grader.  :) 

Thank you everyone for weighing in with your opinions.  I have been asking everyone I know what they think, and most people think it's a great move for Kylee. 

Guess I'd better post some more 'first day' pictures.  LOL.  Wait, I don't think I really posted the official first day pics yet.  Oh well.  I'll get to it at some point. 

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momnextdoor said...

Yay for Kylee! It sounds like it was definitely the right move! Can't wait to see pictures!