Friday, September 23, 2011

What is your opinion?

Many of you know that Kylee is smart.  And that I'm not just the typical mom doing the typical bragging on your kid. 

Kylee started Kindergarten about 6 weeks ago.  Next week she is going to 1st grade. (for a week long trial period)

She is miles ahead of her current classmates.  Her teacher has been giving her work that she usually does toward the end of the year.  She reads, she takes AR tests and yesterday they STAR tested her at a 0.7 reading level.  Which doesn't sound very high, but keep in mind...she's in kinder.  She is 5.  They don't normally STAR test them until 1st grade.

Anyone out there have any experience with their kids skipping a grade?  I know that maturity is a big concern with many kids in this situation, but Kylee is very mature for her age.  She has gravitated toward older children since she was really young. 

Please give me your thoughts on this. 

My thoughts?  I think Kylee definitely needs to be challenged.  She loves Kinder, but she will soon grow bored with the work once she masters everything.  When she is bored, she loses interest in school.  That happened last year in preschool. 

I guess I am a little surprised because I didn't think this would happen so quickly.  I'm a little taken off guard.

So....please share your thoughts.


momnextdoor said...

I don't have personal experience with this but I'll give my two cents anyway. If she's that far ahead and it's only the first few weeks it makes sense to move her along. Like you said, you don't want her to get bored. That's when they start getting into trouble.

I'm sure there will be issues being the youngest as she gets into the older grades but if you can always keep an open dialogue about that then maybe she won't have too many problems. I imagine you'd have to stay on top of her feelings about it.

And you know what. If she gets to second grade (or 3rd, 4th...) and it's just not working out you can always move her back.

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Dayna-she would the youngest in her class but I really think she would benefit from 1st grade as I know she is really one smart girl-I really wish you had a 1/2 split for the following year but...I do think that 1st is your nest option but when she gets to 2nd - can she can come live with me. Love, Jill

Angela said...

I think that you need to follow what you know about your daughter. If she is going to get bored in kindergarten and in turn not like school because of it then move her forward. My concern about moving her ahead is her age. And it is not necessarily for her maturity level at this age but in the future when she reaches middle school and those tough years.