Monday, February 20, 2012

My first digi-scrap page

Many of you know that I was once really into scrapbooking.  I still love to do it, but it's a huge pain to get drag all my stuff out and then wait for inspiration to strike.  By the time that happened, it was time to put everything away. 

For a long time I have been longing to start digi-scrapping (digital scrapbooking).  My parents even bought me Photoshop Elements for my birthday (which was last June) to get started.  I've played around with it making the banners for my blog and such but finally, at long last I've made my first real page.  I really don't know what I'm doing, it's mainly trial and error.  I know there's lots of tutorials on the internet, but I've never gotten around to looking at them.

So, without further is my first page.  I know there are things that it still needs, but I was only using stuff I had downloaded for free.


Angela said...

Great job! I have elements and I love it. I have taken classes from Jessica Sprague online. I love it because she shows you how to use all that stuff in elements. I even took a class where she walked you through how to make a photobook. she gives you elements, papers, and then teaches you how to use it all. I loved it. Email me if you want more info. Oh and the other thing that I liked about it is that you have access to the class forever. So I can go back and refresh this momma's brain.

Anonymous said...

I love it!! Jill

Mum-me said...

Well done!! There are so many freebies around for digiscrapping. Check our Craftcrave if you haven't already.