Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween and all that...

I know you have just been dying to know what antics Krysten has been up to.

Last Sunday while we were grilling burgers for lunch I hear my UFC watching husband yell from the front porch "she's got the cat in a rear-naked choke!". So of course I ran for the camera.

Okay...about the Wilma costume... well...remind me again about being a cheapskate. I'm thinking that it might have been okay to buy my costume.

This costume saga has become a major headache. After I sewed it together last night it looked more like maternity Wilma. The dress was HUGE!!! I could still fix it if I had the time or the patience. Neither of which I have right now. So my Pebbles will go to the halloween carnival mother-less. Well, maybe Wilma-less anyway.

Not only was it about 6 sizes too big (blasted pattern sizing), but it had chocolate ice cream spots all over it. The little girls had chocolate ice cream cones last night and Krysten ended up standing on the table. Since I am not lucky enough to have my own sewing room, I improvise...the kitchen table. Yes, the same table my melted ice cream cone-bearing child was standing on. There was ice cream all over everything!!! There's always next year, right?

There is a halloween carnival here at school so Tracey wore her costume to school. I just took some pictures of her in the hallway. She refused to smile since there were other people around. I guess your mom taking your picture at school is embarassing enough, but to smile while she's doing it...that's just too much to bear.

i think she's a samurai princess.

Happy Halloween to all of you!!!

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