Sunday, September 19, 2010

On my own again.

Just letting ya'll know...

Aaron will be gone starting tomorrow, for the entire week.  He's not returning until next Sunday.

He is making his bazillionth trip to the top of Baldy.  But this time it's for a new and exciting (for him) reason.

There is a cabin up there where one of the lookouts live during the summer.  This cabin is an old, historic cabin.  And now it needs work.

Last time he went (during the Week From Hell) they cut down trees for logs.  There are quite a few rotten logs on the cabin that need to be replaced and this time, they are going to remove all those rotten logs and replace them with the new logs. 

He's very excited about this trip.

I'm not.  Oh, sure I don't mind what he's doing...but that's not the point.

My confidence in managing on my own is a bit shaken after my last experience.

My plate this week is not nearly as full as it was during that particular week, but you never know what catastrophies may befall our family.


Anonymous said...

Dayna!!! I know you can do it!!!!! Jill

KatieJones said...

Girl, I feel you on this hubs is leaving in about an hour and will be gone for the next 4 days. We can do it, we can support each other!