Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Okay guys.

I need your help.

I am wanting some suggestions as to what books to read. 

So please, please leave me a comment with your suggestions.  (You can use the 'anonymous' option, just sign your name on your comment).

I would appreciate it sooooooooooooo much.


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Anonymous said...

Dayna they are kinda of racy but I really enjoyed the the girl who by that Norweigan (I surely should know how to spell that but of course I can't) and I just finished the last one by Francine Rivers and it was a sequel and I enjoyed the first one also. If you like mysteries at all there is a series by John Sanford and you might enjoy the fact that most take place in Minnesota so you would recognize some town names. ALso Pete and I enjoy a series by John Flynn which are mysteries and they take place in Washington DC and are kinda historical so they are fun. Jill