Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Progress So Far....

Anyone curious about my workout progress? 

I know you're just dying to know how I'm doing.

I have been exercising since July.  During the summer I was going to the gym most every day.  I would go before Aaron left for work and that schedule worked great...until school started.  After school started I struggled to find the time to exercise.  I had to be creative in how and when I got my workout in.  I now only get a workout in about 2-3 times per week.  Here are some of the various things I've been doing.

This summer I paid for a membership.  At the gym I did the treadmill, the elliptical, and weights-mainly working on my arms and shoulders.  I've seen results...my arms aren't nearly as flabby as they used to be.

After school started I paid for a membership at the gym in Lordsburg (yes, there's one there- can you believe it?)  There I started riding the treadmill but for some reason the belt on their machines heats up and burns my feet, making it highly unpleasant after about .5 mile.  So I started putting in lots of miles on the stationary bike.  I also kept up with my arm weights.

I also have a collection of videos.  Most of them are Biggest Loser videos (mainly cuz they're cheap at Walmart) and I switch between them. 

I borrowed a Kettlebell from a friend and plan on doing that during lunch at work.  Gotta be honest...haven't started that yet. 

For the month of October I am trying to commit to the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels.  ( I have done it twice...and yes I realize today is the 5th)  It's one of the videos I've been switching thru, but I'm gonna try and stick it out all month.  Last night I started on Level 2. 

Nutrition wise I haven't really changed much except for less sweets and portion control.  I am trying to not eat so much fast food either.  But completely eliminating it is darn near impossible with the schedule that my family maintains.  I also haven't changed what we eat at home because...well, because I live in a house full of picky eaters.  Healthy veggies doesn't fly with certain members of my familia. 

Okay, now here are the results:

I don't really know.  Sorry.  I was a total loser and never remembered to measure myself before I started working out.  I can tell you my arms are firmer, my legs are in better shape, I'm losing my saddlebags, and my muffin top is reduced from a baker's dozen to about a half dozen muffins.  I can keep my clothes buttoned all day, but haven't gone down a size yet.

Initially I gained 4 pounds (super, super discouraging- but I'm sure it was due to a little bit of muscle that I was building.  at least, that's what I'm telling myself!!)  But now I'm back down to my original weight. 

Grrrrr...I so want to see pounds being lost.  That's so frustrating.  I do know that I would see an increase in results if I totally changed the way we eat....  we'll get there.  Sloooooooooooooooooooooowly.

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PBJ said...

Good Job!!! I need to just start. Thanks for the thoughts and keep encouraging me and I will start!!!