Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Snowmen are NOT supposed to come before Halloween.

Recently my husband spent a considerable amount of time in the mountains of Colorado near Boulder.  During this time he experienced the seasons abruptly shifting from Indian summer to frigid winter.  It snowed 2-3 times on them while they were gone.  Each time he called home, or sent me pix of the snow; I made sure to tell him about how it was in the 80's here and that I was enjoying my shorts and t-shirts.  I'm nothing if not supportive, right?

Here is a picture of how they spent one afternoon when it snowed too much to get to the work site.  In case you don't understand, Mr. Snowman here is decked out in complete woodcutting gear. 

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Anonymous said...

Obviously-you need to spend more time in MN. Jill