Friday, October 15, 2010

Claude Monet reincarnated

Krysten Monet (emphasis on the Monet) would like to give you a tour of her canvas our house.

 Look Mom, crayon on the TV!
(along with a myriad of other...stuff)
 "I thought it was wotion."
(foundation poured on the carpet.  let's not even mention how much
she had smeared all over her entire body. or how difficult large amounts of makeup
 is to wash off the entire body. did i mention entire?  just checking)
 Front door greetings.
 White was just so....plain.
 Tracey's mirror does a lot of sweating...therefore the need for deodorant applied liberally.
 A love note to greet me each time I turn on the light in my bedroom.
 Tables are not just for eating, you know.
In case burglars climbing through our windows need a little...crayon therapy. 

Thank you for joining Krysten on this tour of our house. 
If she ever comes to your house... afraid.  Be very afraid.

I only hope that she will give me credit for not killing her supporting her when she becomes a famous painter.


Geng Family said...

OMG! I was laughing so hard I was crying :) That is just priceless and something that aggravates you now but you will cherish when she's older.

Parrothead said...

HOLY COW!!!! No, you have not stiffled creativity. They love that sort of thing huh? You need to channel that creative energy and make some $$$!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dayna, that made me giggle over and over again!! Remembering those times from my own children where markers were forbidden until they were 42. Jill

Anonymous said...

Actually at this stage Miss Monet's work resembles Picasso a bit more than Monet. I love the freedom and flow as well as the texture. I never thought of deodorant as an art medium although I have used chapstick in such capacity.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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