Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin'

This past weekend I took the girls to pick pumpkins in Las Cruces at the Mesilla Valley Maze.  If you live in this area you definitely need to take a trip there in the Fall. 

You get to take a hayride out to the fields where you can choose your own pumpkins.  There are all kinds of sizes and colors of pumpkins and gourds.  This part is the girls' favorite part of the whole day.  Their rule is that if you pick it, you carry it.  Great words of wisdom.  I repeated this mantra to my girls.  And they followed it...for about 3.6 seconds. 

They picked fairly small pumpkins that were easily carried.  However, freshly picked pumpkins have stickers on the stems.  Their delicate little hands weren't havin' none of that sticker bizness!!  So guess who got to carry their pumpkins.

Not the hayride driver, that's fo' sho'.

Not only did they pick out their own pumpkins, they each found little baby pumpkins that they wanted.  Plus, I found a cool white one (maybe a gourd, who cares) and of course, we got Tracey a good sized one. 

I'm sure I looked like a pumpkin sized idiot for carting around 4 pumpkins.  The girls so graciously carried their baby ones. 

There's lots of other stuff to do beside pumpkins.  There's a super cool maze that they create in their corn field but I haven't ventured into it yet.  I'm still waiting till I am fairly confident I won't have to carry the two girls out after they drop from exhaustion from all the walking. 

There are some HUGE slides to keep kids happy.  There's also plenty of games to pay-to-play but sshhh! my kids don't know that yet. 

We had lots of fun and are already looking forward to next year.

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Anonymous said...

What no gift shop-our pumpkin patch/apple orchard has a gift shop!! Jill