Monday, October 11, 2010

Horsin' Around

 My girls dearly love to ride horses when they come to the ranch.  All 3 of them.  From the time Tracey was little she would ride Freddie.  Freddie is like part of the family.  My dad raised him from a colt, I can even remember the mare he's out of.  My dad started him as a cutting horse back in the 80's.  Later, when I was a teenager he gave him to me as my horse to ride.  Once Tracey got big enough my dad then told Tracey that Freddie belonged to her.  Freddie is 30 years old now and he's really starting to show his age.  Now the little girls get to ride Freddie when they come to the ranch. 

 Tracey now gets to ride Red.  She's pretty happy with that.  Papa even told her yesterday that Red could be her horse.  So she was pretty stoked about that.  Grama is now wondering just who she's gonna ride.
 Grama Maggie and Papa Rick with all their grandkiddos and their horses.


Anonymous said...

How fun was that!!!! Wish I could have been there but no worries I don't want a horse. I just like to admire them from afar. Jill

Anonymous said...

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