Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I love surprises.

Our anniversary is coming up this St. Patrick's Day.  It will be our 10th anniversary and I can hardly wait.  You know why?  Other than the obvious.

Aaron is planning a trip with a surprise destination for our anniversary.  I've known about the trip for a few months now, but definitely not the destination.

It came out when I asked him what he wanted to do for our anniversary.  He said we would probably just find a babysitter and go to the Buckhorn (nice restaurant here) for dinner. 

As you can imagine I was outraged.  "What?  For our 10th anniversary that's all you want to do?  Can't we at least go somewhere overnight?"  I was getting pretty irate by this point.  Thinking the nerve of this man to make lightly of a milestone anniversary. 

I then told him if he wasn't gonna plan anything, then I was.  At this point he finally gave in and told me that he'd been planning a trip for months. 

"What?  You are?  Oh goody!"  (definite attitude adjustment on my part)

Perfect.  I love trips and I love surprises.  A wonderful combination. 

Now that the date is getting closer I am starting to obsess about the destination.  He has given me a few clues; I know that we are going either east or west and that it's to a city.  I know that he picked a location that I would like, but not necessarily him. 

I have a million other questions but I have not voiced them because I don't really want to figure it out.  I want to be able to keep dreaming/guessing. 

I do know that it's not skiing, because he told me that when we were discussing what to pack.  We would have to go north to go skiing anyway. 

But that's all I know.  I have several guesses running around in my head but nothing I am sure of.  Going west means probably either San Diego or LA.  I'm thinking more San Diego.

Going east means places like San Antonio, Corpus Christi, or anywhere along the gulf.  He also said we can get there in a day.  So by driving we couldn't really go much farther east.  Vearing up towards Dallas and into Oklahoma is probably out since who wants to go to Oklahoma anyway?  Dallas?  I don't think so. 

Also, there's the possibility of going east or west to an airport.  There's one in either direction:  El Paso or Tucson.  From there we could obviously fly anywhere we wanted.  Well...maybe not out of the country since neither of us have passports. 

If we were to fly my thoughts are leaning toward either New York City or New Orleans.  Possibly somewhere in Florida. 

It's driving me craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy not being able to guess!!!!  I am even dreaming about it.  Two nights ago I dreamed we went to Syndey, Australia and last night I dreamed it was Washington DC.  I know it's not Sydney and I doubt it's DC. 

Don't worry, I will let everyone know as soon as I find out.  We leave March 15. 


Jill said...

Dayna - I can hardly wait to hear where you are going!! Do your folks know-perhaps I will call them and ask??

Dayna said...

Nope, the only person who knows is Tracey. She refuses to be bribed (course, I didn't try very hard).