Friday, February 25, 2011

March Madness

March is going to be a busy month for us.

Kylee won't be attending school for the next 3 weeks.  Why?  Well, next week all the PreK classes have to move.  Not just to another part of the school, but to another school entirely, which technically is in another town.  Albeit, like 3 miles away.  They will soon be starting the renovations on Kylee's school and during that time, then entire school will be housed at Bayard Elementary...which is obviously... in Bayard.  The PreK building has asbestos that they have to remove before renovations can begin.  So, that means that next week PreK is cancelled while the teachers pack up and move.  Then the following week it's Kylee's (and Tracey's) Spring Break.  Then after that is my Spring break and the girls will be with my parents at the ranch (more on that later).

In 2 weeks (during her spring break) Tracey will be having her 3rd surgery on her arm.  It will be exactly like the first one where they injected glue (which is considerably more painful than the foam).  I will talk more about her surgery in a later post.

Then it's my spring break (WOO HOO!!)  It's our 10 year anniversary on the 17th (yes, St. Patrick's Day :)) and my hubby is planning a trip to a surprise destination.  I am so excited about that I can hardly stand it.  I looooooove, loooooove surprises!!  The girls will be at the ranch while we go....where it is we are going.

That about covers March.  Oh yeah, and track practice starts the week after Tracey's spring break.  She should be ready to run, despite having surgery.

Plus, I am happy to get my bookclub up and going for March!  

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Jill said...

Poor Tracey!!! And I expect a magnet from you yet to be undisclosed destination!! Lucky you!! Jill