Friday, February 20, 2009

Dayna actually cooked!!

I know for most people cooking dinner is not anything exciting to talk about. But in my house, whenever I cook, it is a big deal.

My dear husband does the cooking in our family...a) because he likes to cook...and b) we'd starve if it was left up to me. I'm lousy at cooking. So whenever Aaron is gone it's a serious cause for panic with me because I know I'm going to have to cook decent dinners while he's gone. My children can't eat macaroni and cheese for every meal, so I have to suck it up and cook.

Despite the fact that I dislike cooking, I really like the Food Network and am a Rachael Ray junkie. I have tons of cookbooks and subscribe to "Quick & Easy" by Taste of Home. So I've got a lot of resources at my fingertips and I have actually learned a lot from watching the Food Network.

So, Aaron is gone this week at a church conference in Dallas so I've been having to do the cooking. Actually, I've lucked out most of this week... Weds was Awana's and they have dinner there, last night (Thurs) we ended up eating at Sonic after dropping Tracey off for youth night at church. So tonight is the only night I have to cook since Aaron is at this moment driving all night long from Dallas in order to rescue my children from their mother's cooking.

I have been known to cook decent meals on occasion but usually it's only Tracey and I who will eat them. The little ones and their daddy are too picky. But tonight was different...well, partially. Kylee didn't touch her food, but Krysten devoured it. (Tracey's not here). I considered tonight's meal a success based on the fact that 50% of my children ate it (and it actually was pretty tasty).

You're probably thinking I cooked something wonderful and exotic like Sea Bass and escargot (yes, i've actually eaten escargot) but no, it was only Beef Vegetable Soup. I got the recipe from my latest issue of Quick & Easy. And you know really was quick and easy! Truth in advertising.

This, of course, is Kylee's untouched bowl.


Angela said...

Congratulations!! I love Rachael Ray and the food network.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dayna-I am proud of you and I am not very good at the cooking thing either. Jill

Tiffany said...

looks yummy!!! :)

PBJ said...

It looks yummy. Great Job at cooking

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

My husband is the cook in our family too. He loves Rachael Ray and the Food Network! lol I keep telling myself that one of these days, I will learn to cook something more complicated than spaghetti. We'll see when/if it actually happens. ;)

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