Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend at Bernie's...

...or maybe at Gina's!

The girls and I took a spontaneous road trip this weekend.

Aaron was called to a fire on Valentine's Day, which wasn't a big deal since we had taken our Valentine's dinner the night before. So when Aaron leaves...so do we!

After he left Tracey told me that she wanted to do something fun instead of clean house all weekend. I told her "you know what, you're right! Let's go see your cousins in Sierra Vista."

So I called Gina Sunday morning and we hit the road after church. The little ones were so excited...they've been waiting for months to get to go see their cousins. Gina just recently moved back from West Virginia.

We had a great, relaxing weekend. The cousins all got to spend time together and Gina and I got to visit. I love having her so close by (well, if you can consider a 3 hour drive close), she's my only cousin on that side of the family and we're both only children so we tend to stick together.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.


Tiffany said...

Those un-planned trips are the best. They always seem to work out better than the planned ones! Glad you had fun!! :}

Anonymous said...

And you both have three daughters!!!!!!!! It was fun to see the photos-what are Gina and her husband doing these days and what is Tina doing these days???

Anonymous said...

UMMM Anonymous was Jill