Monday, April 13, 2009

Global warming seems to be only a myth!

Whatever happened to Spring?

Nobody writes a song called "I'm Dreaming of a White Easter." Yet that's what happened over the weekend. Hello!!! It's April!!!!!!

The weather has been cold, windy and generally miserable. I hate the wind, especially with my job, being outside teaching PE in the wind. I hate it, hate it, hate it. I will wear my hair in a bun for the next 2 months because of the wind. Grrr....

Where is that fabled thing called Global Warming???? Newscasters keep threatening that it's happening but I AM NOT seeing it. And I am not happy about it. I am so ready for it to get warm!!

Wind, wind,
Go away,
Come again some other day!!!!


Tiffany said...

I am WITH YOU on this one!!! It was the same weather here! The last few hours of Easter day, it was warm enough to go outside, windy still, but it was ok. Not warm by all means!! ARRRGGGG!

PBJ said...

I think Easter weather should always be said that it is going to be cold and ugly so if we actually got a warm nice one we would all have to party. Easter dresses need to be long with long sleeves if this weather keeps happening year after year.

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

Man, come over here to San Diego and you will see the Global Warming thing. It was over 100 degrees here today. I was melting. It was too hot for the kids to even go outside at recess. Sad. Its only April!!!

Dayna said...

I must retract my previous complaint about our lack of global warming. Today the temp climbed to the mid 80's and I got sunburned. My apologies, Mother Nature.

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