Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lance and the Tour of the Gila

I am so excited!! Woo hoo!! I've been on an emotional roller coaster ride, but according to the latest article I found on the Internet....


When, do you wonder, did I become such a big Lance Armstrong fan? Well, since I learned of the possibility that someone that famous could be coming to our little town in the southwest corner of New Mexico.

The UCI (some racing board, look at me spouting racing terms now after 30 minutes of surfing the 'net) at first wasn't gonna let him race in the Tour of the Gila, but now they are.

Yippee! You can bet your bottom dollar where I'm gonna be this Saturday. Yep, downtown Silver City watching the criterium races. I will definitely be taking pictures.

For those of you who are totally lost as to what I'm talking about--

The Tour of the Gila is a bicycle stage race that is held here every spring. It's a 5 day stage race and they race all over the mountains here ending with the big race on Sunday called the Gila Monster. On Saturday they race around downtown. It is totally awesome to watch those racers come down the hill and around the corner. Simply amazng.

As an added bonus, these guys all have great legs too.


Angela said...

See you there! My hubby is a huge Lance Armstrong fan. Been for years and years. I hadn't learned the latest so I am excited to hear this news! Thanks for sharing.

Dayna said...

He's actually in Silver as I type! He twittered that he landed her about 7pm. OMG!!! I'm so starstruck right now!

PBJ said...

Only you would go out with everyone else to get his picture. I will just wait for your blog not much into the race.