Monday, April 27, 2009

Ranch Kids

This weekend Aaron and I went to Albuquerque to help Mike & Debra get their house ready for Samantha. We left the girls at the ranch in Quemado and continued on our way. We got to Abq at 11:30pm Friday night. All day Saturday we worked on cleaning, organizing, and painting. We also had a some cuddle time with our precious niece, Samantha. That's right!!! She's home! She's doubled in size-- now weighing 5 pounds and 17 inches long. She's so, so, so precious.

At the request of the parents, they don't want to have pics of their child splattered across the Internet so, sorry, no pictures.

Tracey, Kylee, and Krysten had a blast at the ranch. All Kylee could talk about for days was getting to ride Freddie (the horse). They worked hard helping Papa and Grama on Saturday and got lots of riding time in. Right before we left, Tracey snuck off and returned riding bareback on Freddie. Of course Kylee wanted a ride. And surprisingly enough Krysten too. Usually she's too afraid of the horses to get near, much less touch them. So these are pictures of Krysten's first time on a horse.

Newborn kittens are sooooo CUTE!!! These are about 2 weeks old and the girls loved holding them. The mama cat wasn't so keen on the idea.

If one of these cute little white balls of fluff turn out to be female....she's coming home with me!!

This is Krysten's first ride on Freddie.


Tiffany said...

Good pix... you seem to be as big of a pix freak as I am... lol Pix of everything!! But I get your pix and appreciate them!!! Hope all is well!!!

Anonymous said...

I talked to your dad tonight and told him how long I was staying and he didn't seem too dismayed. Becky has to be in Shiprock on the 26th of May so depending on how long she wants me to hang around I will them be at the ranch until the 7th of June. Cute pictures-I know Fred good to see him again. Jill

Kel Bel said...

too cute! I love the baby kittens...that is the one kind of baby we've never had. I hope you see Lance...I'm sending you good luck vibes right now!
I wish I was more than a point and shooter, but my camera is limited to that. Some day I'd love to take a class and get a better camera, but it may not happen as long as I live in SJ...which could be forever! I do have to give my little Kodak camera credit though; it takes great outdoor pictures. Indoors it totally sucks, so I just stick to the outdoors. This week I've been trying to learn photoshop. We've had it on our computer for a year and I just haven't figured out how to do much more than lighten a picure when it's too dark. But I'm working on it!

Anonymous said...

Thank u ;-) you should look at this emo boy one at this blog: