Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Walk to Remember

Once again Krysten has had an accident. But we can't really blame it all on her. She was at the mercy of her 12 year old sister!
Here is an account of the events of the evening.
Tracey asked if she could take the girls for a walk. "Sure," we said. "That would be great, thank you."
That's so nice, Tracey taking her little sisters for a walk while we cooked dinner...
Later Aaron called Tracey and told her dinner was ready. He could hear screaming in the background but Tracey said it was just Krysten crying and she had it under control. Since screaming is a usual part of our day we were not alarmed.
We mentioned to each other how happy we were that Tracey was willing to deal with the situation instead of having us come and bail her out.
When they returned we immediately noticed her face. According to Tracey the wagon tipped over and she didn't notice until Krysten started screaming.
How do you not notice??? Oh ya, she's 12 and had invited another 12 yr old on the walk. 12 + 12 equals 5.
Apparently the wagon had tipped over and had run over Krysten.
Again, how do you not notice this????
Later we asked Kylee what happened and since she doesn't know yet how to lie for her sisters she was very forthcoming with one very important detail. They were running!!! Ay yi yi.
On a dirt road? With lots of ruts and potholes? Why am I so not surprised?!?!
This picture does not do the black eye justice. It really is much worse than it appears.
Stay tuned for a post involving roadside discipline and the police! I'll save that for another day and leave ya hangin'...


Tiffany said...

Oh my... your kids are sounding more and more like my kids!! poor baby!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

SO IS poor Tracey out of jail yet? Jill

PBJ said...

Well at least it was not a broken arm or Tracey running home saying her sister was dead like my older sister said.