Monday, February 15, 2010

Montessori and more

I know I've left ya'll hangin' with whatever happened with our babysitter issues last month.

We've got a new babysitter and she's working out great so far. Kylee had a meltdown last week and the babysitter still answered the door the next morning when we brought the girls. We took that as a good sign.

Kylee has also started at the Montessori School. I've had mixed feelings about the school, or rather, the type of school. Mainly because I've been completely indoctrinated by public school. Public school pays our bills remember. Anyway, I was just nervous about something I didn't really know about.

What's important is how Kylee is doing at Montessori.

She's doing absolutely wonderful. She loves her new school. Her learning is taking off and she's exploring and learning so much. It's been great to hear about all she's learned when she gets home from school.

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