Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tracey's Surgery

So tomorrow Tracey and I leave for Houston. She will be having the first in a series of three surgeries on her arm.

Pre-consultation is on Monday and the procedure will be on Tuesday morning. I will be allowed to stay in the hospital (Texas Children's Hospital) with her Tuesday night. She will be released on Wednesday and then we fly home later that day.

That's the trip in a nutshell, but I'm sure you guys are wanting more details.

Last year Tracey was diagnosed with having a venous malformation in her left arm. The vein walls expand when blood flows through and pools causing painful lumps in her arm. It has not restricted her activities in any way and only bothers her most when it's cold.

But it's not going away and needs to be fixed through a procedure called sclerotherapy.

So please pray that our trip goes well and that the procedure goes smoothly.

If you want, you can send notes or gifts to patients through the hospital. I am sure Tracey would really appreciate having some notes or gifts from friends and family.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Tracey!! We will be thinking about you!! Hope it all goes well!! Jill

Angela said...

Praying for momma and Tracey.