Monday, June 14, 2010

Adios Amigos

It's that time folks. 

Time to embark on My Big Trip.

Where am I going you ask?

Well, my first goal is Arlington, TX to visit my best friend from high school.  I'm very excited to see's been a long time.

Then on to Memphis, TN.  I don't really like Elvis, but I plan on trying to make it to Graceland.

From there we're heading up to Champaign, IL.  My cousin lives there and that's where we'll stay for awhile.  We are planning lots of day trips, including up to Chicago.

Then we're going on to Zumbrota, MN to stay at my relative's dairy farm.  My kids will love it there.

After that, we'll be heading home.

I am going to try and blog and facebook as much as I can, so keep in touch!

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