Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Most Wonderful Relaxing Day

Okay, I'm back.

Didja miss me?

I had a wonderful day.

Please don't leave ---I so want to tell you about my day.

I dropped off my kids at Grama's house. Ya know, I could just stop there and it would've been a wonderful day. I know, I know, I should be all perfect and love spending time with my kids. And I do like spending time with them, it's just that when I've got the chance to be kidless for a day....YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Then it was time for my 90 minute hot stone massage. This was my first massage where I wasn't preggers and could actually lay face down on the table and be comfortable. It was fabulous. What's more fab is that it was a gift from my hubby. Now wasn't that thoughtful of him? Yup, I thought so.

Then came lunch. Lunch. I love food. I ate at this new little restaurant called Tre Rosat. ( BTW, it's connected to the Cienega Spa & Salon where I got my massage.)

One word...beneighs.

I had died and gone to french heaven, ya'll. (ya know, I never use ya'll in my regular speech, but my blog is littered with that word...hmmmm)

I decided then and there that my birthday post was going to be a free plug for this little restaurant. Ya'll have definitely got to try it. They change the theme of their menu fairly often and this week it was Cajun style food. Double yum. Next is American comfort food.

Do yourself a great big ole favor and take yourself to Tre Rosat, located in the Cienega Spa & Salon (by the courthouse in Silver City). I am truly sorry I didn't get pictures.

Where was I? I got sidetracked with the memories of beneighs with chocolate ganache....

Oh ya, then I did some shopping. For fun stuff like clothes and such.

Then I did more shopping. The grocery kind. You might be thinking "she went grocery shopping on her day-to-celebrate-all-by-herself?!" Yup, you got it. Grocery shopping sans kiddos is almost as wonderful and relaxing as the massage I got.

Then it was back to reality. I picked up Kylee for rehearsal for her ballet performance of Cinderella.

My girls made cupcakes for me this afternoon with Grama. So when we got home we lit the candles and they sang Happy Birthday to me (oooooooh, it was sooooo cute! i loved it).

Okay, I know some of you might be wondering "umm....where's her wonderful husband? shouldn't he be around for her bday?" Nope, he wasn't. He's still not home yet (but he did just call to say he was on his way home). He was called to a fire this afternoon. That's just the way it goes during the summertime. No need to pity's really is :)

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, I really appreciate it alot!

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