Friday, June 11, 2010

Once upon a time....

Once upon a time there was a lady named Lucy who lived alone.  
After a time she discovered a great castle and moved there without hesitation. 
This new castle was a wonderful place.
 No more laundry.  No more cleaning.  No more cooking. 

Instead of cars for sale, there were Jazzy powerscooters to be had.  With a horn, I might add.
Canasta, gin rummy, and yahtzee games galore.
For the young at heart...Wii bowling.
Now Lucy was a lady who soon caught the eye of the most eligible bachelor. 
He was quite the catch- he could drive at night and didn't need a walker. 
Lucy was the envy of the castle.

Lucy and Roy decided to wed,
but it had to be early before the other residents went to bed.

Look!  Smiling siblings!
Look! New siblings!
Look!  New cousins.

The End.

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Anonymous said...

How sweet is that. Tell Lucille Congratulations from me!! Love, Jill